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Children of India in need of our help - donations

How You Can Get Involved

There are many ways you can make a big difference in the plight of the poor, the widows and the orphans. 100% of all of the funds that come into Compassion 4 Asia go to supporting the poor, the widows, the orphans and our affiliated missionaries throughout India. Some of the projects are:

Adopt A Village


We currently support pastors that are in desperate need of resources to help them to reach the lost and the poor in impoverished tribal villages. Through our “adopt a village” program, for just $100 per month, a pastor can provide much needed food, clothes, medical camps, school supplies and bibles to the people in the village. We are seeing many Hindus being saved, needs being met and lives being transformed through this outreach.

Adopt A Widow


There are 40,000,000 widows within India that cannot provide for themselves and are raped and treated as if they have no value within India. They live a life of begging for food and provision. Many of them live on less than a cup of rice a day and live on the streets and slums in India. $20 will provide enough rice for a widow for one month. $10 would provide a new Sari. So for $30 a month a widow can have food and clothes.

Sponsor A Child

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$20 a month will also feed an orphan provide some clothes and school supplies. There are many orphanages throughout India that are in desperate need of support.
There are more than 70,000,000 orphans living on the streets of India with no parents to care for them. Our missionaries are providing “slum schools”, and teaching them the gospel and providing school supplies and clothing for these precious little ones.

Support A Missionary


We have pastors and missionaries that live on very little and have had much struggle for lack of support and provision. These pastors and missionaries minister to the poor tribal villages, have evangelical outreaches to the muslims, and have ministries to the orphans and widows in the poor remote rural areas. They are giving all they have for the sake of sharing the gospel, and it is our mission to raise awareness of their ministries and provide support to make their path easier to reach others with the good news.

Support A  Children’s Home


For a monthly gift of any amount we can provide support for one of three children’s homes we have vetted and support. This helps bear the ongoing monthly costs to provide food and clothing and schooling to children in these homes. It also helps provide blankets and supplies and support to the workers in these homes.

Project Bible


For $2.00 per bible we can provide a bible through International Bible Society of India that is written in their language. These are purchased in quantities of one hundred are more. We have pastors in rural areas reaching people that have never heard the gospel before. In some of these areas they cannot all read so it would be good to have money to enable them to show the Jesus Film.



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